I'm Pascal Auberson, Senior developer and Tech lead focussing on interactive technologies, particularly VR and multiplayer networking.

Previously I was co-founder and technical director of Specialmoves a high-end interactive production company based in London.

@lumacode    @pauberson


Windlands 2 on Quest 2

Feb 2023

Windlands 2 was built as a desktop VR game, but I managed to port it to the Meta Quest 2 while keeping it looking and playing almost identically. It's now available on the Meta Quest Store.


Jan 2019 - Sep 2021

I built the Unity app and multi-user server from scratch, enabling the running of virtual events with participants from all over the world.

Windlands 2

Jul 2016 - Dec 2018


I added multi-player to this desktop VR game utilising platform P2P services from Oculus & Steam. This included coding the avatars, adding voice communication, handling matchmaking and building an in-game multi-user world editor for level design reviews.

I also coded the behaviour of some of the enemies and parts of the UI.


Dec 2014 - Dec 2018


I worked with the ICAROS team from the very early stages of product development; building the first game (Flight) for GearVR, integrating the Bluetooth controller for Unity on Android and developing a mirror application so others can see what you're experiencing.

I went on to develop two further games: Deep (underwater) & Aim (in a mountain valley) as well as adding local multi-player capability.

In the Eyes of the Animal - GearVR version

Released May 2017

I helped Marshmallow Laser Feast bring their VR installation piece to GearVR. This involved building a 360 video player, adding UI elements & transitions and publishing the app to the Oculus Store.

Big Data VR Challenge

Nov 2015

Working with Masters of Pie, our team won this competition organised by the Wellcome Trust & Epic Games. Using a Oculus DK2 and Razor Hydra hand controllers, we showed how presenting big data in 3d space allows researchers to gain insights by using the brain's natural pattern recognition abilities.

Penguin Hustle

Jul 2015

I was part of a crack team that participated in the first HTC Vive Game Jam in London. We created a fun demo where you need to keep hordes of cute penguins from going hungry.

Siemens VR experience

Nov 2014

I worked for Masters of Pie helping them deliver an innovative demonstration of Siemens' technologies using VR at the EuroBlech tradeshow.

VR Skydive

Aug 2014

I introduced many of The Conference attendees in Malmo to VR and allowed them to glide their way down to the conference centre from a great height.

Ghosts of the Tsunami

June 2014

Working with Helen Jeffrey and Imeh Akpan we created an artwork in 24 hours in the Tate Modern's turbine hall.

We used text from an essay by Richard Lloyd Parry to generate a series of colour bars that scroll across the screen and play sounds based on the colour and word length.