Icaros VR fitness game

WIRED 2015, London

A brand new Icaros comes to the WIRED 2015 Testlab, now running on Gear VR with a completely new environment.

HTC Vive Game Jam - Penguins Hustle

Penguin Hustle

HTC Vive London Game Jam

Notes from an amazing weekend at the HTC Vive GameJam building Penguin Hustle.

Big Data VR Challenge

Big Data VR Challenge - Part 1

Epic & The Wellcome Trust

First update on my progress in the Big Data VR Challenge organised by Epic Games and The Wellcome Trust.

Icaros VR prototype - Hyve

Icaros VR prototype

Hyve, Munich

I worked with Hyve to create a prototype VR flying simulation for their Icaros project.

Man experiencing Oculus Skydive in Malmö

Oculus DK2 skydive

The Conference, Malmö

The Oculus skydive experience travels to The Conference in Malmö, now with DK2 support.

Oculus VR headset, Myo and an iPhone

Better interaction in VR

Oculus + Myo + iPhone

Hack consolidating navigation controls into an iPhone app freeing your other hand to interact with a Myo.

About Lumacode

Lumacode is mainly me, Pascal Auberson. I'm a consultant, technical lead and developer working with interactive creative technologies. For 14 years I was co-founder and technical director at Specialmoves, a high-end interactive production company based in London.

At the moment I'm mostly building Virtual Reality applications in Unity, but also do some native iOS and Android development, openFrameworks and Ruby. If you think I could help deliver your project, please get in touch.